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We redefine how multicultural advertising is created. How it is executed. And above all, how it is perceived.


Research. Demographics. Psychographics. Market segments. All have their place in advertising. None have a place in ads. People should look at an ad and see a reflection of themselves. Not the reflection of a model who represent an age and tax bracket.


Multicultural advertising can achieve the same brand-building results as general market advertising. But not until clients demand it. If Multicultural advertising doesn’t do it’s job, it is because clients don’t ask for it. Money cannot be thrown into a secondary budget with little expectation of a return on their investment.

“There is a difference between speaking to someone in their own language and trying to fake their accent. Advertising that targets minorities fails when it attempts to get the attention of a faceless crowd labeled “minority” instead of speaking to people.”

~FUSE Manifesto

Fuse Ad Agency Hallway


We are a team of hard working, focused individuals who understand the premise of emotionally touching people where they live, work, pray, and play. Anyone can create ad. But can they create brand experiences? Can they bring brands to life? We believe we do it better than most and have been doing this consistently since 1997.


From the beginning, we committed to being smarter and reaching higher. Reaching higher in gathering and analyzing research. Reaching higher in crafting better strategies. Reaching higher to uplift and inspire people. FUSE is a full service integrated marketing agency that creates digital, broadcast, print,

and experiential marketing programs.


We plan and place media. We continue to reach for higher ground with brands that want to plant their flag at the summit.


This is who we are and this is what we do.